Civil Engineering Design

Stormwater Design

WSUD - Water Sensitive Urban Design 

Detention Systems

Pavement Design

Rainwater Tank Systems

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Structural Engineering Design

Structural Engineering Design 

Residential, Commercial and Industrial 

Piling Design

Retaining Wall

Building Inspections 

Drone Aerial Inspections

Footing and Foundation Design

Computations and Documentation

Compliance Certificates Form 1507

Forensic Engineering

Insurance Claims Assessment Reports

Insurance Causation Reports

Building Distress Reports

Building and Asset Inspections

Rooftop Drone Inspections

Aerial Drone Photography

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Assets

UAV Drone Aerial Photography

Aerial Drone Inspections

Building and Structures Asset Inspections

Rooftop Drone Inspections 

 Aerial Drone Photography

Real Estate Aerial Photography and Videography

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Assets

Environmental Services

6 Star Energy Rating Reports - NatHERS 

Townhouses, Multi- Unit, Single/Double Storey Developments, Extension/Alterations

ESD Reports, SDA/STEPS Report & Sustainable Management Plans 

Daylight Modelling Analysis

Multi-Unit Residential Apartment Developments

Council Planning Application Supporting Reports

BCA Section J report and assessment