About us

BSD Consulting

We are a building consultancy firm specialising in Structural, Civil and Forensic Engineering, 6 Star Energy

Rating Reports and Section J Reports.  Our firm offers expert advice to bring full value to a wide range of projects in both Residential

and Commercial sectors. With a range of expertise in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, 6 Star Energy Rating Reports, 

and Building and Asset Inspections to meet the challenges of environmental sustainability and provide genuine economic value with

fast turnaround to Build Sustainable Developments.  We also have Drone Aerial Inspection Services to assist with Rooftop Inspections

and Asset Management for both the Commercial and Industrial sector. 

BSD Consulting

Our firm provides quality and cost effective engineering design solutions, to a range a clients including developers, architects, builders and government in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.  

Our experience will ensure your project is delivered with quality, cost-effective design and achieve to Build Sustainable Developments. 







Our Advantages

We are a engineering consultancy firm founded building quality customer relations and providing efficient and timely projects in a professional and friendly manner. We strive to cater in the best interest of our clients and serve them in a range of projects. 

You will be sure to work with us again as our firm will help build sustainable building designs for the Australian public and private sectors. 




What We Do

BSD Consulting provide a range of services for the building industry including Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Soil Test, 6 Star Energy Rating and Project Management. We strive to handle all aspects of your building development and ensure projects are cost effective and within reasonable time frames to ensure your project completed as smooth as possible.