BCA Section J Report


BCA Section J Assessment and Compliance Reports are required for all commercial buildings as part of the Development Application process to demonstrate a designs ability to comply with the BCA.

The objective of Section J is: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently using energy.
Planning to achieve compliance for the BCA Section J is ideally done at concept design stage to results in a Deem to Satisfy Report.
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The DTS approach for sole-occupancy units of a Class 2 building and a Class 4 part differs from the approach taken for other Classes of building. BCA 2010 requires a software rating.  
In NSW, a software rating is also required by BASIX. This must be undertaken by an ABSA Accredited Assessor.

For Classes 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 buildings, each element within Section J is designed to work as part of a system.

The Section J report will cover:


Building Fabric

roof and ceiling construction, roof lights, walls, floors.



shading, glazing.


Building Sealing

chimneys & flues, roof lights, external windows & doors, exhaust fans, construction of roof, walls, floor.


Air-Conditioning & Ventilation Systems

air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation, ductwork, time switches, heating & cooling systems.


Artificial Lighting & Power

interior artificial lighting & power control, decorative lighting, external lighting, boiling water & chilled water storage units.


Hot Water Supply & Swimming Pool & Spa Plant.



Maintenance of Energy Efficiency Installations.



Facilities for maintenance & monitoring.


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